We are excited to begin the 2024 survey process of collecting member data for the Fenestration Canada Annual Report on Residential Windows and Patio Doors shipped in Canada. Your participation is crucial to our ability to analyze member data for the annual report.

Before taking the survey, make sure the following steps have been completed:

  1. Have shipment data for the prior year (2023) accessible and available;
  2. Only report on panels that were shipped. Once within the survey, please report panels shipped as an accurate number or report a percentage of total panels shipped;
  3. Read the instructions for each section of the survey and follow them as you go;
  4. Read definitions of terms before taking the survey to ensure you have them correct;
  5. Utilize the survey programming correctly. You will be able to log out and SAVE progress per page while using the survey and move BACK per page in the survey to previous questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. Finally, our privacy guarantee is below this email for reference.

We appreciate your time and look forward to your responses.

Fenestration Canada and The Farnsworth Group

Stéphane Labelle, Executive Director – Fenestration Canada
Grant Farnsworth, President and Business Development Director - The Farnsworth Group
Grant Gries, Project Director – The Farnsworth Group

Privacy Guarantee

The research team, under the auspices of the Fenestration Canada Annual Report on Canada Residential Windows and Patio Doors, is interested in collecting from industry partners’ data related to the shipment of products in the residential and commercial markets. This data will be used only for the purpose of reporting, forecasting and analyzing by StatCan Region. Publications derived from this research will protect the confidentiality of the persons and companies from which data were collected. No company names, personnel names or product brand names will be included in publications.

  If starting this survey, please create a password to proceed. This password will be tied back to your data. You may exit the survey and come back at any time, however you will need to enter this same password to proceed where you left off.

  If returning to this survey, please enter the password you initially created to resume where you left off. If you can't remember your password or have any other problems, please contact Grant Gries at